Sunday, September 19, 2010

How To Make Your Six Year Old Daughter Love You...Even More! (Part One)

Miss M loves to play with her make-up.  She loves to do make-overs on her unsuspecting Nan and her little brother.  She loves looking at herself in the mirror.  She loves brushing her hair whilst watching herself in the mirror.  So what does this six-year old need?  A dressing table of course!  She was so excited when I told her what we were going to do and she said many times throughout this process "Oh, I love you Mum"  awwwww :)

So the challenge began looking for one for her.  After fruitlessly searching the net I started scouring the second hand shops to no avail.  I also went to Revolve at Pialligo - no glory there either.  So on our way home we stopped at the other Revolve near our house at Hume and found this...

It cost all of $20 and it seemed perfect.  But Miss M is quite a tall girl and she couldn't fit comfortably under the low middle section and there were too many drawers (read: too many spaces for junk to accumulate).  A lot of the paint was flaking off at the bottom already so I took to it with this...

Pretty good stuff this.  But soon I realised I was trying to strip about 6 layers of paint off plywood - argh!  I needed to move the mid section up anyway so I ripped off the top 3 sections of ply and filed them in the rubbish.

Then I removed the mid section to make it level with the other two sides...

I am planning on putting a sheet of mdf along the top.  But this was as far as I got today.  Project is now on hold for at least another 4 days - when I start 2 glorious weeks of holidays!

Lou x


  1. Looks amazing, i've had a successful week at Revolve Mitchell myself!! Happy make overs, love Posie

  2. Looking great can't wait to see the finished product!