Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here we go!

After deleting my first blog (please don't ask me how!) I have had start all over again!

Mrs Sew & So's began officially about 2 years ago when, after many years of making quilts and personalised towels for friends and family when they had their babies, I finally gained the confidence to start selling my wares at markets. After an initial bumpy start (at a low profile market which could only be compared to a tidy Trash and Treasure) I approached the Old Bus Depot Market in Kingston. This was quite a successful venture...until the amazing Julie Nichols approached me to set up a stall at the Handmade Market in Canberra. This market has given me the best opportunity to sell my goods and I have many return customers from here. Julie and another gorgeous designer and friend, Rachel Evagelou, have now teamed up to create Shop Handmade. The Shop is amazing! It only opened a week ago and I have been in there twice already as a customer.  Check out the link for the ultimate Handmade Shopping destination in Canberra

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