Friday, April 30, 2010

Ribbon Flowers

I absolutely LOVE ribbons!  I have drawers and drawers full of them (note to self - must make a lovely ribbon storage unit!).  Mostly I buy ribbons because I love their color, pattern or they come in a matching set with 4 or five other ribbons.  I actually like them so much that I often can't bear to cut them up and use them!  Yesterday I decided that some of this ribbon "collection" needed to start a new life, and what better way than as a beautiful ribbon flower.

Here is the finished product:

The purple and pink one was my first attempt, but once I got going and made some length adjustments I found the perfect fit for the two rows of "petals".  I am going to make these into brooches, hairclips and even decorations for my shoes!

I can see myself making hundreds of these for the market stall as well as gifts for special little girls.  I am happy to use my beloved ribbons to create these gorgeous flowers, although I really wish that I didn't know about the delivery of ribbons that arrived at Posie's yesterday.  I think I will need more drawers and that ribbon organiser sooner than I thought!


  1. You're amazing! (-: Am going to IKEA in June - want me to find something to contain your overflowing ribbons then? You can peruse the catalogue I've got....

  2. I think I might come along with you. I have a ute!

  3. Love , love , love your ribbon flowers ! Is there a Ribbons help group for people like us ?

  4. If there is, let's keep it a secret!