Sunday, May 30, 2010

Playing in the mud!

It has been raining here in Canberra for the whole weekend which has been wonderful, albeit a bit cold.  So we decided, along with some good friends of ours, that we didn't want to stay indoors today and that it was the perfect time to go for a nice leisurely drive into the Brindabella's.

We set off at around 11am and soon found a good shelter with an open fire pit to keep ourselves warm.

After a tasty lunch of a sausage sizzle we drove on and came upon this sign, which, at the time seemed harmless enough. 

Oh how wrong we were! After 2 days of rain it certainly wasn't gentle or much of trail!

We went down the "trail" (mostly sideways and a little too close to some rather large trees I might add) and after what seems like hours for my poor white knuckles and raging blood pressure we finally made it down to Flea Creek.  There were some excellent amenities there (which I took immediate advantage of) and a beautiful flowing creek.


And then it was time to head back home...the same way we came in!  I really wasn't looking forward to this.  At least when we were coming down I could see where we were going to potentially fall!

Our 4WD really struggled in some places and we had to make several stops along the way in very sticky mud.

So at the end of the day I ended up with guaranteed nightmares tonight, 2 wet,muddy and tired kids, 1 very muddy car, some great photos of the day, my husband and friends having a good laugh at my expense, 2 loads of washing and...

Luckily my boots are the ones on the right:)


  1. OMG Louise! What an adventure! Have you tried playing Monopoly on rainy days?

  2. Oh yes, rain rain go away, well until Handmade Market is over, seriously, how wet is it??!! I know it's great for farmers, but brrrrr, not for markets. Fun & games you're having there!! I am big on this kind of 4WD fun & pack spare clothes & sock as my children are famous for getting covered in mud. We're big fans of gum boots & frequently leave fishing & camping trips with children in their knickers as they've run out of dry clean clothes!! Love Posie

  3. Monopoly next rainy day for sure! I forgot to add that Miss M also jammed her finger in the toilet door so she was in agony for the whole ride home - poor little thing.
    Luckily we had plenty of clean, dry clothes Posie - especially socks. I packed 3 pairs each!
    I haven't attempted cleaning my boots yet - I'm waiting until they are dry enough for the mud to just fall off!