Sunday, July 25, 2010

A New Look!

I have been playing around with the idea of creating a whole new look for my blog, business cards and other associated advertising.  I am so in love with anything red and aqua at the moment - I have been scouring the internet for fabrics and have found some fabulous pieces that I can't wait to make into a quilt.  I'd love to show you some photos but hubby is on a 4wd trip to the Simpson Desert and he has taken MY camera with him :(

Now I am certainly not an expert in html or web design and but even little old me managed to create this blog design with the help of the cutest blog on the block.  They have a link there for which is a really easy to use program, similar to photo shop - but the best thing is it's free!

So what do you think?  There is another reason for the cherries - but that's a secret to be revealed later...

Louise x


  1. Love the new look blog! And I think I have an idea about the cherries.....(-:

  2. Wow lou looks great. Brendan away again no doubt!
    Good job love x

  3. Love it Louise! Love those colours!

  4. Hi Louise, I love the red and aqua and the new banner and layout looks fab too. You are a clever girl!